Khalid Souilah

Mathematics professor
Mohammed First University Oujda-Morocco

Teaching activities

In 2013, Khalid Souilah started his professional university career, as a temporary professor, in the Faculty of Sciences of Oujda. In 2018, he joined the mathematics department of the Faculty of Sciences of Oujda as an assistant professor of mathematics of the higher education.
Its teaching activities are divided between courses, tutorials, supervision of end-of-studies projects, presentations, pedagogical evaluation, production of course and exercise handouts, and presentation pedagogical references and electronic resources.

Master of Functional Analysis


This master offers an advanced teaching in fundamental mathematics for students. Its main objective is to introduce students to research in functional analysis and, more specifically, in spectral theory and operator theory. It can lead to the preparation of a PhD thesis under the supervision of professors from Mohammed First University.

Module: Operators theory

Bounded operators on Banach spaces, Compact operators, Bounded operators on Hilbert spaces, Schatten's classes, Some topologies on B(H).

Semester 2 2018-2020

Pedagogic ressources:

Bachelor of Chemistry Matter Sciences

Mathematics 3: Mathematics for chemistry

Notions of arithmetic, Groupe theory, Molecular symmetry, Sequences and series of functions, Power series, Fourier series.

Semester 3 2019-2020

Pedagogic ressources:

Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences and Applications

Algebra 4: Reduction of endomorphisms

Linear algebra (memo), Polynomials and endomorphisms, Diagonalization and trigonalization, Jordan's reduction, Applications: linear recurrence sequences and linear differential equations.

Semester 3 2018-2019

Pedagogic ressources:

Bachelor of Physical Matter Science

Analysis 3: Vectorial analysis

Multiple integrals, Curvilinear integrals and curves, Functions of a complex variable, Power series and Laurent series, Fourier transform, Laplace transform, Linear differential equations.

Semester 3 2018-2019

Pedagogic ressources:

Algebra 2: Linear algebra

Linear vectorial spaces, Linear maps and endomorphismes, Matricial calculus, Determinants, Change of basis, Diagonalization et trigonalization, Applications on linear systems.

Semester 2 2018-2019

Analysis 2: Series and integral calulus

Series, Integral calulus, Generalized integrals, Differential equations, Differential calculus, Multiple integrals, Sequences and series of functions.

Semester 2 2018-2019

Bachelor of Life Sciences

Mathematics 1

Matricial calculus and determinants, Linear systems, Real sequences, Limits and continuity, Derivatives of functions, Riemann intgrals, Differential equations.

Semester 1 2013-2014